Physical Therapy Services

Kids Center physical therapists (PTs) have extensive experience in pediatrics and the deepest of passions for helping kids live to their full ability.

Our PTs pursue ongoing continuing education and our team includes therapists with doctorates in physical therapy, therapists who are Board-CertifiedPediatric Clinical Specialists, and therapists who are certified in the Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT) approach for children with neuromuscular diagnoses including cerebral palsy.  

PTs at Kids Center also participate as members of the specialty teams that staff our Intensive Program, Spasticity Clinic and Feeding Clinic.

What is physical therapy? How can it help?

Physical therapy (PT) focuses on strength and mobility to help children be as independent as possible in all environments – home, school and community. In addition to therapeutic exercise and activities to improve movement and function, physical therapists assist children and their families with obtaining wheelchairs, walkers and other assistive devices to improve independent mobility. 

How does physical therapy work at Kids Center?

Our physical therapists evaluate each patient, then set up a treatment plan and goals specific to each child’s needs. The evaluation assesses:

  • Strength
  • Joint mobility
  • Muscle tone
  • Skeletal and structural health
  • Gross motor skills (rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, etc.)
  • Balance and coordination.

The PTs work with patients in a shared treatment space including two separate gyms with access to a large array of intervention tools and adaptive equipment for maximum progress.  Kids Center offers aquatic PT on a limited basis at the pool at Home of the Innocents.

Patients are scheduled within the model of care that best meets their needs based on clinical assessment by the physical therapist along with parent contribution on family/patient goals. 

What equipment and technology do you have available for pediatric physical therapy?

Kids Center is fortunate enough to have the equipment/technology necessary to offer specialized treatment activities, including the FreeStep overhead support system which offers freedom of movement to children of all levels of involvement. 

Most recently we have acquired two Universal exercise units (UEU) also known as the spider cage along with Therasuits, an FDA approved soft dynamic proprioceptive orthosis in a variety of sizes.  Several of our physical therapists (along with a few of our occupational therapists) were trained on the Therasuit Method for the use of this equipment for both our intensive therapy program and in traditional therapy models. In addition, we offer Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI), which is a therapeutic approach focusing on postural reactions achieving improved motor skills. 

Kids Center also has an equipment loan program to allow patients to try adaptive equipment before purchasing. Much of the equipment that our patients require is very expensive and it is beneficial to trial the equipment prior to purchasing to ensure the best equipment for the patient and to ensure the best use of their medical funds.