We see the ability.

Since 1958, Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies has provided physical, occupational, and speech therapies for special needs children to help them reach their full potential.

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Celebrating 65 years of serving this community and “Seeing Their Abilities!”

Thank you to our wonderful supporters, our dedicated volunteers, and our loyal team of therapists and staff for giving their HEART to this mission. With each passing year, we’ve accomplished so much and have changed the lives of thousands of children and their families.

Our Mission

Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies empowers children with physical, behavioral, and intellectual challenges to reach their full potential through comprehensive and integrated medical therapies, regardless of a family’s capacity to afford the full cost of care. Our transformative care inspires our children and their families to build confidence, encourage joy, and live with hope for the future.

About Kids Center

Kids Center is a non-profit outpatient pediatric therapy center with two locations in Louisville, KY. We provide a variety of therapies to children with developmental disabilities or delays, regardless of a family’s financial situation.


Kids receiving pediatric therapy annually


Therapy treatments delivered each week


Families turned away, regardless of financial situation

Get Involved

Walking up a flight of steps unassisted. Riding a bike for the first time. Gaining the ability to talk or just eat regular meals. These stories of triumph and so many more are the advances our kids routinely experience at the center. Your support, whether it’s financial or only so much as sharing a social media post, leads to real change and ability.