Kids Center provides specialized pediatric therapy services in a child- and family-friendly outpatient center.

We take a holistic approach, using multidisciplinary collaboration for the best overall outcome and ability of our patients.  Our overarching goal is to improve participation in home and community to achieve maximum quality of life.

All of our therapists have experience in pediatrics and pursue continuing education to improve knowledge and stay up-to-date with new interventions and technology. Each child is evaluated to determine their specific strengths and challenges and to develop a plan of care to best help them reach their maximum potential.

Physical Therapy

Kids Center physical therapists provide interventions to address motor and postural control for the improvement of gross motor skills, balance and coordination, mobility and overall activity and participation in all environments.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists provide interventions to develop skills needed to participate in the “occupation” of childhood including play, self-care, sensory integration and social interaction.

Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-language pathologists provide interventions to develop effective communication skills and/or improve functional feeding and swallowing abilities.

Feeding and Nutrition

Kids Center feeding programs use a multidisciplinary approach including medical nutrition therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy focused on feeding needs. Our feeding clinic is one of the leading multidisciplinary feeding clinics in the state. Evaluation in this clinic helps determine the abilities and medical needs of your child to help them progress towards eating by mouth safely and successfully.

Behavioral Health

Kids Center is pleased to be able to offer behavioral health interventions for our patients in an integrated model of care. In addition, we have resources to provide testing for autism and ADHD for current patients.

Intensives Therapy

An overarching, functional intensive goal is created through collaboration between the therapists and the family. Daily task-specific goals are chosen for each session to progress toward the overall goal.

These goals will be specific, attainable, functional, participation goals that allow for increased independence for the child.

Specialized Clinics

  • Orthopedic Clinic – staffed by our medical director, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, this clinic provides evaluation of your child’s orthopedic needs so they may progress at their optimal level.  Kids Center physical therapists and occupational therapists are available to consult with our physician as needed.
  • Spasticity Clinic – a team of specialized physicians and therapists evaluate and recommend the best interventions for managing a child’s spasticity to promote improved movement and function.
  • Feeding Clinic- Kids Center feeding programs use a multidisciplinary approach including medical nutrition therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy focused on feeding needs.  This includes individual therapy sessions, group sessions and our multidisciplinary feeding clinic.

Extended Programming

Extended Programming at Kids Center includes camps, groups and workshops that are outside of traditional therapy models. This initiative allows us to provide creative, innovative programming by drawing upon the exceptional knowledge of our therapists and growing community partnerships.