Little Victories, BIG Celebrations!

Graduation season is a time filled with celebration, significant milestones, and achievements. For families who have children with physical and developmental disabilities, their milestones often look different. Their “graduation” celebrations may not mirror conventional pomp and circumstance, but instead are filled with countless little victories, each a testament to the unwavering determination of their children. The Kids Center is honored to be a part of their unique journeys, empowering every child to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies empowers children with physical, behavioral, and intellectual challenges to reach their full potential through comprehensive medical therapies, regardless of a family’s capacity to afford the full cost of care. Our transformative care inspires our children and their families to live with confidence, joy, and hope for the future.

Help Us Bridge the Gap

At Kids Center, our hope is that every family can celebrate their victories without worrying about medical bills. For over 65 years, Kids Center has served families with little or no health insurance. On average, there is a $2,000 deficit per child each year that insurance doesn’t cover. But we need your help to bridge the gap between Medicaid and insurance funding, ensuring no child is turned away.

Your contribution will help transform the lives of thousands of children with disabilities. Together, we can celebrate their victories, both big and small!


Provides one therapy session


Covers the cost of an initial evaluation to establish an individualized treatment plan


Covers the cost of food for one month of feeding therapies


Provides ten therapy sessions


Provides one scholarship for a child’s out-of-pocket cost for a Therapy Intensive session