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Many special programs and equipment are available at the Kids Center to serve our clients. An interactive team approach is used by the therapists to meet the multiple needs of the children.

The Augmentative Communication Lab...Augmentative Communication is designed with the needs of the nonverbal child in mind. The lab is equipped with specialized computers and augmentative communication devices to use in the assessment and training of children with special communication needs.

The Casting-Adaptive Equipment Lab provides individualized equipment to help in the treatment and care of the children by:

  • Casting and splitting by physical and occupational therapists as prescribed by a physician
  • Creating custom adaptive equipment and other positioning devices are made using equipment available in the lab
  • Everything is made according to a child's specific size and needs

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The Sensory Motor Gym... is equipped with movement equipment and Snoezlen activities. The sensory motor gym allows for unlimited sensory experiences under the direction of trained therapists.

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The Physical Fitness Gym... is a fully equipped workout facility designed with the adolescent with special physical needs in mind. The gym is available by appointment for teen and adolescents with disabilities to learn adapted work out routines and maintain a better level of physical fitness.

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The Interactive Metronome... is a program shown to improved attention, coordination and timing in children with a wide range of cognitive and physical difficulties including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The children work individually under the direction of a specially trained occupational therapist.

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The Therapeutic Listening Program... uses sound training in combination with sensory integrative techniques which emphasize vestibular stimulation and postural movement strategies. When incorporated into a sensory integrative treatment approach, by a specially trained occupational therapist, changes are typically observed in sensory modulation, attention, and behavioral organization through a reduction in sensory defensiveness and a smoothing out of mood variances and arousal states.

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The Parent Library... is here to help you keep on top of information. You are free to explore the library on a variety of subjects including medical issues, parenting, and books for children about disabilities.

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WHAS Crusade for Children Loan Closet... has equipment which may be borrowed on a temporary basis. At the recommendation of your child's therapist, you can:
  • Test the equipment to see if it is beneficial to your child
  • See if it is useful for post-surgically for mobilization or positioning at home
  • Use it while your child is waiting for a piece of equipment that you ordered
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Orthopedic Clinic ...
Physicians specializing in orthopedics are available to do routine orthopedic evaluations assessing the structure and motor development of each child. A health services coordinator works closely with the physicians to ensure that the family's needs are also being met and to keep them current on the latest medical advances. The physician will:
  • Prescribe the necessary therapy
  • Work closely with the therapists to monitor the child's progress and development
  • Prescribe the necessary adaptive equipment and applicances
  • Evaluate and consult regarding the viability of being helped by a surgical procedure
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Spasticity Clinic ...
  • A multidisciplinary clinic consisting of PT, OT, and ST therapists, an orthopedist, a neurologist, neurosurgeon, and physiatrist.
  • Addresses specifically how spasticity is interfering with their function and activities of daily living.; also addressed the goals of the parent and child.
  • A plan is developed to address the client's spasticity which could include but not limited to oral drugs, injections, neurosurgery, or baclofen pump.
  • Clinic meets on the average of once per month.
  • Can contact Janet Meek for further information.
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Activities for Daily Living Suite ...
The ADL suite is designed to teach daily life skillsRunning in a real-world setting. This mock apartment features a bedroom with wii, dressing area, and murphy bed, a fully accessible bathroom with comode and shower, and a teaching kitchen complete with dishwasher and washer and dryer. The suite helps children develop their skills for future independence.
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Children can also be followed by their own physicians and our therapists will co-ordinate the necessary communication.

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